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Welcome to Avant Garden.

Fine art, garden photography & inspired goods

by Minneapolis artist Terra Rathai


My work is all about seeing beauty in ordinary places, seeking art in unusual or mundane subjects and celebrating it all.

It is about awareness, expansive thinking, and stopping to smell the roses. I'm glad you're here.



My fine art practice centers on being present in the moment and actively viewing my environment. I compose pictures quickly and spontaneously, usually while walking. The images have a sense of formalism and tend toward abstraction. The mood is quiet contemplation, a reverence for nature and an open mind toward the idea of beauty. Fueled by wonder & love for this world. 


AVANTGARDEN365: The Daily Photo Blog

Where it all began...

I became a photographer in 2010 when I decided to commit to a 365-project. I would take photos every day and choose one to share. I started the blog as a way to stay on task and share my work. I had no idea what I was doing but over tens of thousands of pictures, I started to find my vision.

The Avant Garden Shop: Inspired Goods

paper goods & home decor by Avant Garden Studio

Shop recycled journals, brown kraft note card sets, thank you & greeting cards and home decor items like handcrafted, reclaimed wood photo blocks expertly built by my Dad! Grouped by collection, the Avant Garden Studio line is great for giving and brings beauty to every day.


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius